iPhone 6 Assembly Process: Robots Will Only Play A Supporting Role

The term “Foxbots” has traveled across the blogosphere during these past couple of days, as Foxconn CEO Terry Gou has recently announced that his company will make extensive use of robots in its assembly lines. Evidently, since Foxconn’s primary business partner is Apple, the Cupertino giant is said to be the first to take advantage of Foxconn’s latest assembly lines.

With countless reports in the past indicating that Foxconn’s employees are unsatisfied with the working conditions and wages, it’s pretty obvious that some people have pondered on the idea that the personnel will soon be replaced by machines. However, according to fresh data coming from China, that’s not going to be the case anytime soon.


iPhone 6 Assembly Robots to Play a Supporting Role

As some of you might now, according to the latest rumor, Foxconn is planning on deploying 10,000 “Foxbots” in its factories, each robot to be used at manufacturing (or rather assembling) Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6. However, according to the latest reports coming from China, the “Foxbots” will “only” play a supporting role, at least at first, so they aren’t actual replacements for the company’s current employees.

While the Foxbots will reportedly be used for tasks which don’t require extreme finesse like tightening lock screws, positioning the larger, exterior components in place or for polishing, certain tasks simply can’t be taken over by machines, at least not for now. Humans will still be used for a lot of activities, like quality control or the assembly of those internal hardware components which require extreme precision. With that in mind, once you’ll have the opportunity to buy an iPhone 6 just remember that the gadget still has a “human heart” underneath all of those components and bells & whistles.

What are your thoughts on these recent developments? How will the market change if manpower will eventually be replaced by robots? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.