iPhone 6 Battery Design Bottleneck Solved As Apple Taps New Supplier (Rumor)

As the clock is ticking away, Apple and its major suppliers are working diligently in order to prepare the next-gen iPhone for prime time. Quite obviously, one of the most important hardware components of a smartphone is its battery, and sadly, earlier reports have indicated that Apple’s suppliers are struggling with overcoming certain manufacturing difficulties hindering the production of the iPhone 6′s batteries.

The good news is that the iPhone 6 battery design bottleneck has been allegedly solved, as the Cupertino giant teamed up with a new supplier. Join us after a quick break for the rest of the story.

iPhone 6 Battery Design Bottleneck Solved, As Apple Taps New Supplier (Rumor)

iPhone 6 Battery Design Issues Solved by New Supplier?

Reportedly, one of the main issues with iPhone 6′s battery is the fact that Apple intends on creating a light and extremely thin device. With not enough room to go by, battery suppliers have had a difficult time figuring out how they can provide a good enough battery for the next gen iPhone. Supposedly, one of Apple’s main suppliers -Dynapack (iPhone 5 battery supplier) – failed to deliver and has fallen off the radar.

The good news is that, according to the Taiwanese media, Apple has now signed up with a new supplier which has already solved the battery design bottleneck. The supplier in question goes by the name of Simplo and it is currently one of the two battery suppliers for Apple’s iPhone 6 – the second one being Desai. However, while the latter supplier still hasn’t solved the issues concerning the battery, Simplo has supposedly already provided a flexible thin unit that meets Apple’s demands.

We should also remind you that, at one point, another supplier (Sunwoda) was said to have solved the “battery conundrum”. By corroborating the two pieces of info there is a possibility that Apple already has two certified suppliers for iPhone 6′s battery, with a 3rd one trying to catch up and meet the company’s demands. If this is true, it means that Apple will probably won’t face iPhone 6 yield issues, at least not because of the smartphone’s battery.

We’re also hoping that Apple’s suppliers will manage to cram more mAh into the iPhone 6 battery, as the recently rumored specifications are not breathtaking, not by a long-shot. However, no other technical details have been revealed, so stay tuned for more.