iPhone 6 Camera Specs Exposed By Alleged Insider

It’s no secret that Apple’s iPhones have been for a longtime unchallenged champions in the camera department. However, the industry was bound to catch up with Apple. Nokia brought the Lumia 1020 and Sony retaliated with the Xperia Z1, just to mention two iPhone competitors in the camera department.

Everybody expects Apple to step up its game with this year’s iPhone 6, in every department, including the camera. Previous rumors have stated that Apple’s upcoming smartphone will still have an 8MP camera, but now an alleged Apple insider has spilled the beans regarding the other specs, on Weibo.

Apple Headquarters

According to the aforementioned source, the this amazing iPhone will indeed come with an 8MP camera. However, Apple has allegedly increased the specs where it actually counts (you should know by now that the amount of megapixels tell nothing about the quality of a smartphone camera). As such, the iPhone 6 is claimed to feature a bigger sensor (1/2.6” as opposed to iPone 5S’s 1/3”), an f/2.0 aperture size (vs f/2.2 on the 5S and f/2.4 on iPhone 5), OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) and 6P sapphire lens.

According to the same source, the CMOS sensor will be manufactured by Sony, with LG and SHARP to produce the rest of the components.

If all the above is true, the iPhone 6 will truly “shine” when taking pics in low light conditions. What do you think? Would Apple do the right move by staying at 8MP but increasing the other camera specs of the iPhone 6? In the meantime, have you seen the alleged iPhone 6 front panel pics that have recently surfaced?