iPhone 6 Leak: Meet Phosphorus, The Barometric Sensor [Updated]

[UPDATE] It has been discovered that the “Phosphorus” chip actually is a barometric sensor from Bosch, not a new co-processor. This comes in line with an older rumor according to which the iPhone 6 will come with several new sensors on board.

The original article:

As most of our readers should be able to recall, during this year’s WWDC, Apple announced a new “Health” application for iOS 8 which will gather and centralize health-related information from various external sources such as third party apps and wearables. The application is also accompanied by a “HealthKit” API which is included in the latest iOS SDK.

Now, you might also know that last year’s iPhone 5S comes with an additional chip named M7 which processes data from the smartphone’s sensors (including the accelerometer, the compass and the gyroscope) and then passes it along to the A7 CPU. This year’s iPhone 6 on the other hand should arrive with a new A8 processor, and based on the latest leak, the said chip will be accompanied by a new coprocessor known as “Phosphorus”.

iPhone 6 Leak: Meet Phosphorus; the M7’s Successor

According to the guys over at GeekBar who have recently unearthed the schematics above, the iPhone 6 will be equipped with a new coprocessor which is currently known as the “Phosphorus” (probably a codename). Allegedly, the chip will have the same responsibilities as the M7 CPU, but given the wider functionality of the new HealthKit, it will also be responsible for collecting and processing new types of health-related data, including the heart rate, the amount of calories burned, cholesterol levels, blood sugar and more. In the Health app, the aforementioned data can be added either manually, or can be automatically collected from various accessories and wearables (and this is were this new coprocessor will probably come into play).

In other words, the Phosphorus appears to be an M7 coprocessor on steroids, designed to support the new Health app and its new functions. No other technical specifications are known at this point, but this might be a good lead so we’ll be keeping an eye out in hopes that we will find out more. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted.

NOTE: GeekBar is also responsible for leaking various alleged iPhone 6 schematics showing 128GB of storage, a Cat.4 Qualcomm Modem, and what was initially thought to be proof of only 1GB of RAM.