iPhone 6 Mass Production To Begin in July (4.7 inch) and September (5.5 inch) – Release Date: Q4

While we’ve just entered the second quarter of the year, reports concerning the launch time frame of the next iPhone continue to hit the blogosphere in full force. That’s what you get when you have a successful series of gadgets, and you can be certain that leaks and rumors will continue to flow.

Not long ago there have been reports suggesting that the screens for the iPhone 6 will enter production as early as May. Now we’ve dug out a new report, hinting at the time-frame in which the phones themselves will enter mass production. Yes, we’ve used plural because word on the street is that Apple will launch not one, but two iPhones this year, one of which will fit in the “phablet” market segment. But, without further ado, join us below for the full story.

iPhone 6 Mass Production To Begin in July (4.7 inch) and September (5.5 inch)

iPhone 6 Mass Production to Begin in July and September, Release Date: Q4

According to the Japanese media, citing one of Taiwan’s biggest newspapers, the iPhone 6 measuring 4.7 inches will enter mass production starting with July 2014. After that, the 5.5 inch phablet will allegedly hit the conveyor belts in September.

We’ve recently discussed what we should expect from the iPhone 6 in terms of release time-frame, and we’ve been pretty certain that the gadget will not hit the shelves earlier than September. If these recent reports are correct, then our speculations have been confirmed.

As for the 5.5 inch model, the rather late production time frame indicates one of two things: either Apple isn’t expecting a large number of “iPhablets” to be sold so it will produce less units, thus it can afford to start mass production a bit later, or the smartphone in question will not go on sale at the same time as the 4.7 inch iPhone 6, and it will be announced/released at a later date.

Whether or not both smartphones will hit the market on the same day remains to be seen, but regardless, the source suggests that both gadgets will go on sale in the 4th quarter of the year (or sometime between October and December).