iPhone 6: New Release Date and Price Rumors

Most rumors and reports regarding the iPhone 6 are “split” into “categories”, and as you may have already noticed, oftentimes we come across spec-related rumors, while other times we appear to stumble upon details concerning the gadget’s release date. As the title above has already hinted, today a new report has surfaced, “revealing” the launch date of Apple’s upcoming flagship device.

Evidently this isn’t the first time we hear whispers in regards to the iPhone 6 release date, as not too long ago Deutsche Telekom informed its customers that the next-gen iPhone will land in-stores on September 19, report that has also been “confirmed” by the Chinese media. Since the aforementioned date falls on a Friday, September 19 instantly became a favorite among the other rumored iPhone 6 release dates. But now, a new set of release date and price rumors has emerged, and as always, we’ll discuss more right after the break.


iPhone 6: New Release Date and Price Rumors

According to “inside sources” cited by the Chinese media (not just the source mentioned by us, the whole media seems to be talking about this), the iPhone 6 will be officially announced on September 15, after which it will supposedly go on sale on September 25. The source also suggests that China will be among the first countries to receive the iPhone 6, so we’re evidently wondering if September 19 is still a possibility outside of Asia.

As far as prices go, this new report indicates that the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will go on sale in China for 5,288 yuan, which roughly translates into $850. This comes in line with an earlier report which stated that the 32GB model will sell for the exact same price. Currently, the 16GB iPhone 5S is priced the same, in China.

Moving on to the 5.5 inch model, which will allegedly be called the “iPhone Air”, the report says that the smartphone will hit the shelves alongside a price tag of 5,998 yuan, or $965. The price corresponds to the 16 GB model, so the handset’s price can actually exceed the 6,000 yuan / $1,000 mark in China, for a model with more GB under the hood. .

In any case, China Mobile and China Unicom are now allegedly testing their 4G network on an iPhone 6 prototype, but we’re still a long way from the finish line so stick around and we’ll keep you posted.