iPhone 6: Qualcomm MDM9625 Modem Inside, Say Bye Bye To Cat 6 (Report)

Yesterday we’ve discussed the possibility that the iPhone 6 might feature only 1 GB of RAM, despite the fact that the Android market is constantly moving towards larger amounts, especially in the high-end segment. In light of recent discoveries, it seems that the schematic did not show the RAM config but rather the layout of the NAND flash (used to store the firmware and other data). Before saying “disappointment averted” (even though we’re still not sure that the iPhone 6 will pack more than 1GB of RAM) we’ve got some other potential bad news: a new report suggests that the iPhone 6 will also lack a Cat. 6 enabled modem.

As some of you might be able to recall, back in June, a rumor traveled the blogosphere suggesting that the iPhone 6 will feature a Category 6 modem. Sadly this doesn’t seem to be the case according to the latest pieces of the puzzle, as Apple’s next-gen flagship device might be limited to Cat. 4. More details below.


iPhone 6 to Feature a Qualcomm MDM9625 Modem?

According to GeekBar (the same source which released the information regarding the amount of RAM -wrong, but also the info about the NFC chip -probably correct), the iPhone 6 will feature a MDM9625 modem. While there’s no way to be entirely sure of the iPhone 6’s exact hardware specifications, the MDM9625 modem holds no mysteries at this point.

The chip in question has been unveiled back in February 2012 and needless to say, it lacks support for LTE Category 6. The chipset does support LTE carrier aggregation and true LTE Cat.4 though, so the iPhone 6 should be able to achieve data speeds of up to 150 Mbps, if the network allows it. However, if the iPhone 6 will indeed feature a MDM9625 modem, then you can say good bye to 300 Mbps data speeds.

The Android market already offers several Cat.6-enabled smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A as well as the LG G3 Cat.6, and we can assume that the number of handsets to take advantage of this feature will increase even further in year 2015. Apple on the other hand might not jump on the bandwagon, for whatever reasons.

Would you still be interested in buying the iPhone 6 if these rumors are accurate and it will lack Cat.6 connectivity (not yet mainstream outside of South Korea)?