iPhone 6: 73% of All iPhones Sold in Q4, Air and Pro Monikers, Price Increase Predictions

Apple will soon hold its yearly Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, where the company in question is expected to shed more light on the upcoming iOS 8 software update. With the iPhone 6′s release date also closing in, investors and analysts around the world are trying to determine what the future has in store for Apple; for the mobile market and the Cupertino giant’s customers.

Interestingly enough, recent speculation and analysis have suggested that the iPhone 6 will become one of the most popular Apple smartphones around, mainly because the handset is expected to feature a larger screen. This could have other repercussions though, so check out the full story right after the break.


iPhone 6 Pro and iPhone 6 Air – Higher Prices, High Selling Figures?

According to Nomura Securities’ research (cited by the Chinese media), the iPhone 6 will allegedly be one of the most successful devices of the year, with 46.5 million units being expected to be sold in this year’s fourth quarter alone. Supposedly, although the North American smartphone market is saturated, the iPhone 6 will account for 73% of the total number of iPhones that are going to be sold after the next-gen hits the shelves.

Another interesting detail we saw in Nomura’s analysis is that they are calling the 4.7-inch model the “iPad Air” (a moniker which was previously reported to belong to the bigger version), while the 5.5-inch iPhone is being calle iPhone 6 Pro.

In addition, Nomura Securities also estimates that Apple will increase the price of the iPhone 6 Pro to $750, with the iPhone 6 Air hitting the shelves at roughly $650. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumors that Apple might be bumping up its prices, as not too long ago word on the street was that the Cupertino-based giant is negotiating a higher retail price with the US-based carriers. Another analyst has also suggested that the most expensive “iPhablet” variant will hit the market at a higher price than expected, due to the possibility that it may feature sapphire glass.

All in all, everybody “in the know” seems to think that the next iPhone will be one expensive great hit. Only time will tell if Apple will pull this off.