iPhone 6s Camera: RGBW Technology, 12MP Sony Sensor (Rumor)

We start the week off with a fresh series of rumors targeting none other than the highly-anticipated iPhone 6s line-up. As the title above reveals, these fresh rumors indicate that the aforementioned device will be released with a 12 MP Sony sensor in tow, which will make use of Sony’s RGBW technology for improved performance in low-light conditions.

The same sources also put a damper on the recent rumors regarding the dual-camera setup of the iPhone 6s, but I guess if you’ve already seen the “leaked” images then you’re probably already of the opinion that they are fake (and you’re most likely correct).


iPhone 6s – New Camera-Related Rumors Emerge

Interestingly enough, the latest reports concerning the iPhone 6s originate from Japan, where the media recently reported that the handset in question will flaunt a single 12 MP camera with a Sony Sensor and RGBW technology. These reports have then been picked up by the Chinese media and we are now bringing them to you.

Now, while these fresh rumors go against the dual-camera speculations, they do seem to fall in line with IHS’ report from about two weeks ago, when Kevin Wang suggested that the iPhone 6s will have a 12 MP camera with smaller pixels than usual.

Meanwhile, the Japanese media reports that the 12 MP camera of the upcoming iPhone 6s will also make use of RGBW Coding technology from Sony. What it does is adding a “W” (white) sub-pixel alongside the conventional RGB sub-pixels, allowing for higher quality images with less noise in poorly lit environments.

In other words and much like we told you a couple of weeks ago, even though the iPhone 6s’ camera might have smaller pixels, that doesn’t automatically mean it will have poorer performance in low light conditions. And in light of these new reports a white sub-pixel could probably compensate for the smaller pixel size.

It’s also interesting to note that according to the Japanese media, Apple’s initial plans were to use this kind of camera setup for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. However, the company reportedly decided to wait one more year and use this time to further “debug” the technology in order to meet its quality standards.

Do you think a 12 MP Sony sensor with RGBW technology would make for a better choice than a dual-camera setup or a further improved 8 MP unit?