iWatch Production Definitely Delayed, 2014 Shipment Projections Severely Revised (Negatively)

During these past several weeks there’s been a lot of talk in regards to the fabled iWatch, as well as to the iPhone 6, specifically concerning the production and launch time frames of Apple’s future gadgets. Recently we’ve discussed the possibility that the iWatch will be released in December (later than initially anticipated) alongside the 5.5-inch iPhone 6. Today we’re re-opening the topic, as a new report from China suggests that the production of the iWatch has been definitely delayed.

The good news is that the iWatch is apparently still on the table for a 2014 release date, but for more details on the matter, keep on scrolling and join us below.


iWatch Production Delayed – Shipment Projections get Revised

During a recent TPK conference, when talking about the projected profit for Q3, the company’s representatives said that even though they were expecting an extremely profitable third quarter, especially following the deal with Apple in regards to the silver nanowire ink orders for the iWatch, things are not looking so pretty. TPK’s expectations have been based on the idea that the iWatch will enter mass production in the third quarter of the year, but apparently, like it has been rumored, it didn’t happen.

Instead, TPK now expects a considerable increase in profits throughout Q4 2014, which hints at the idea that the iWatch will enter mass production within the aforementioned time-frame, as opposed to Q3.

In addition, CLSA (Asia’s leading equity brokers and investment groups focused on investment banking, institutional broking and asset management) also believes that the iWatch will enter mass production sometime during the 4th quarter of the year. However, perhaps a more intriguing aspect is the fact that CLSA has revised its initial iWatch shipment projections, and now believes that Apple will manage to ship only 6 million units throughout 2014, as opposed to 20 million smartwatches. This was somewhat to be expected in the case of an iWatch release date push back, but we didn’t expect such a severe negative revisal.

All in all, it seems that the Apple has to deal with numerous obstacles in its quest to create its first wrist gadget and we’re hoping that, eventually, the device will be ready for the masses by the end of 2014. Any thoughts?