iWatch Wireless Charging Reconfirmed By Rumor, Apple Currently Testing Charging Coils

Although lately we’ve talked a lot about the next-gen iPhone, we shouldn’t deny that one of the most intriguing devices expected to hit the shelves by the end of 2014 is the iWatch. Once released, the gadget in question would become Apple’s first wearable, and every fan of the brand expects the Cupertino-based giant to bring the “wow” factor.

Now, the unwritten law of the mobile blogosphere dictates that when an upcoming gadget is building up the hype, leaks and rumors will follow in greater numbers. That’s definitely the case with the iWatch, and earlier today we’ve come across new information regarding the device and what features it might bring to the table. Care to learn more? Then join us after the break and see what’s what.

iWatch Wireless Charging Reconfirmed By Rumor, Apple Currently Testing Charging Coils

Apple’s iWatch To Feature Wireless Charging?

Earlier today, the Chinese media has cited “Luxshare insiders” who have allegedly reconfirmed that Apple’s upcoming iWatch will feature wireless charging capabilities. Or if not, then at least Apple is definitely considering the possibility.

According to this rumor, there are currently two wireless charging coil suppliers that Apple has taken into consideration, one of which is Luxshare. Reportedly, the aforementioned company has already sent the wireless charging coils to Apple for certification, and if the units get approved by Apple, then chances are that Luxshare will also be providing the rest of the wireless charging module for the iWatch.

We should also point out that, when asked about the partnership with Apple, Luxshare has declined to give any concrete details, mainly because “the product [iWatch] is not yet available“.

Based on the numerous leaks and rumors that have been floating around for months, Apple is expected to make the iWatch official sometime in Q3-Q4 2014. Some older rumors have also suggested that the iWatch might not be ready for prime-time by the end of the year, but we’re guessing (and hoping) that these rumors will not come to pass.

Any thoughts regarding the iWatch and the idea that it will feature wireless charging capabilities? Feel free to share them below.