J.K. Shin Shoots Down Recent Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Rumors

Lately we’ve been hearing a lot of rumors regarding the recently released Samsung Galaxy S6 and the upcoming Galaxy Note 5. On short, not long ago word on the street was that the Samsung Galaxy S6 hasn’t been doing all that great in terms of sales figures.

Even more recently, fresh reports from Korea claimed that Samsung might be releasing the Galaxy Note 5 as early as July, in an attempt to counter Apple’s iPhone 6S Plus ahead of time.

However, both of these rumors have now been shut down by none other than Samsung’s J.K. Shin. The news came from the president during today’s meeting at Seocho Samsung Electronics.

J.K. Shin Denies the Latest Galaxy-related Rumors

Today, J.K. Shin told the press that all the allegations regarding the Samsung Galaxy S6 and its poor market performance are false. This isn’t too surprising given the more recent reports suggesting that over 10 million Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge units have been shipped during the first month of market availability.

Furthermore, J.K. Shin also shot down the relatively fresh rumor that pegged the Galaxy Note 5 for a July market release. Initially, this alleged change in schedule was considered a strategy to counter Apple and the successful / upcoming iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus. It was also rumored that a Note 5 prototype was already showcased to a number of partners for the purpose of laying down the pre-order foundations ahead of the alleged July launch. Regardless, all of this information is false, according to J.K. Shin, and honestly we are not surprised. Samsung never changed the launch schedule for the Note series and perhaps the iPhone 6S Plus (which itself is the star of similar reports) isn’t a good enough reason to do so now.

One thing Samsung Mobile’s president hasn’t touched is the rumor according to which a new Edge smartphone will be released before the Note 5 Edge hits retail.