“Jimmy Lin” iPhone 6 Leak Said To Be Authentic, QHD Resolution In Tow?

If you’ve followed the mobile blogosphere last week, then chances are that you’ve stumbled across the latest iPhone 6-related leak, one way or another. As a quick recap, the big story was that just a few days ago, the Taiwanese actor / professional race car driver known as Jimmy Lin shared a handful of photos that were supposedly showcasing the iPhone 6, next to the iPhone 5S. Given the fact that the same star has showcased the iPhone 5C in the same manner last year, before the handset in question got launched, we suspected that what Jimmy Lin was holding in his hands was pretty much genuine.

Nevertheless, as we always say, nothing is official until made so, and numerous voices have suggested that the unit shown by the actor / professional race car driver was just a mold / dummy unit. Now, a new report came in, refuting these claims, and as usual you’ll find the full story after the break.


Jimmy Lin’s iPhone 6 is Authentic? QHD Resolution in Tow

Alright ladies and gents, so the latest story goes something like this. Although we cannot determine if the iPhone 6 held by Jimmy Lin is indeed the real deal, the media in Hong Kong started buzzing earlier today, claiming that the said unit is indeed authentic.

According to the source who has cited “Apple employees” from Hong Kong, the unit used by Jimmy Lin to tease us is an authentic iPhone 6 Beta device. How could these employees be certain? Well, based on these fresh reports, Apple has recently shipped iPhone 6 Beta units, for testing purposes, to its various facilities around the world, including Hong Kong. More so, the tricky bit is that, according to the sources, each sample unit can be easily identified by a set of unique particularities, reason why the handset hasn’t already been leaked more extensively via other sources.

Finally, we’ve saved the best for last, as the same source also claims that the iPhone 6 will in fact pack a QHD display (the source doesn’t say which model, but the whole article was centered around the 4.7-inch iPhoen 6). Once again, we cannot confirm or infirm this bit of the puzzle, but we’ll definitely keep our eyes open. Until we find out more, feel free to share your thoughts on the idea that the next iPhone will feature a 2K display.