Report: J.K. Shin Denies The Existence Of The Premium Samsung Galaxy S5 / F Version

Pretty much every Samsung enthusiast in the world eagerly awaits that day when the Korean manufacturer will deliver a premium smartphone, built using high quality materials (metal and such). If you’re a Samsung fan and you don’t find yourself in this position, then chances are you’re in denial, and you should stop trying to convince yourself that there’s no need for a change in design.

Joking aside, we really do want to see a premium high-end smartphone from Samsung (aside from the Galaxy J, whose availability was extremely limited), and we’ve been waiting for this change to happen for at least two years. Our hopes went pretty high when rumors about the “Galaxy F” or the “Premium series” started hitting the blogosphere, and back at the end of February there have also been reports that this mysterious premium device will fill the gap between the SGS and Note series. All of these reports have fueled our hopes, and gave concept artists the opportunity to come up with some rather interesting concept designs. Needless to say, things were starting to look good, but here comes the latest story which brings us back to square one. More after the break.

J.K. Shin Denies the Existence of a Premium Samsung Galaxy S5

As we all know, the Samsung Galaxy S5 became official during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Since the smartphone hasn’t adopted a premium build, all hopes were now directed towards the mysterious “Galaxy F” (aka Galaxy S5 Prime).

Unfortunately, according to the Korean media, Samsung Mobile’s CEO, J.K Shin, has denied today the existence of a premium Samsung Galaxy S5. When talking to the South Korean press, Shin claimed that there’s no such thing as a premium S5. However, rest assured, a new Galaxy Note smartphone will be hitting the market during fall 2014… Yeah, like we needed confirmation that a new Note (you know, one of the most successful series) will be hitting the shelves by the end of the year…

In any case, we’re hopeful that a premium Galaxy smartphone might still be in the works, and that J.K. Shin wishes this to remain a secret, for now. Nevertheless, based on Samsung’s previous “efforts” to improve build quality during these past couple of years, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Galaxy F is indeed nothing but a myth and the byproduct of wishful thinking.

What’s your take on these recent developments? Are you still hoping for a premium Galaxy smartphone?