LG To Post A 25% Gain in 2014, Thanks To LG G3 and Its Spin-Offs (Rumor)

While Samsung’s sales seem to be dwindling, LG’s influence on the market is on the rise. A couple of years ago LG was in a pretty rough spot and things weren’t looking too good for Korea’s 2nd largest tech giant. However, the LG Optimus G and the Nexus 4 acted like a new launch pad for the company, while 2013’s LG G2 and Nexus 5 have both been considered among the best smartphones on the market, at that time.

But nothing compares with the success enjoyed by the LG G3. This truly is a hero device for the Korean company, and apparently, the G3 alongside its various spin-offs are the reason why LG’s smartphone business now has an estimate of 25% gain in 2014. More after the break.

LG to Post a 25% Gain in 2014

According to market analysts cited by the Korean Media, LG is expected to post a 25% gain in its 2014 smartphone sales, compared to 2013. Back in 2014, industry experts estimated LG’s smartphone sales to be around 60 million units combined and reportedly they have been on-point. It is now estimated that LG’s combined smartphone shipments sit somewhere around 59.6 million units, up from 20 million units in 2011 and 26.3 million shipments the year after.

Interestingly enough, industry watchers believe that LG’s positive sales figures are attributed to the success of 2014’s LG G line-up. The LG G3 is of course at the top of the food chain, but other handsets like the LG G3 Stylus and the LG G3 Beat may have contributed to this positive turn of events as well.

Whatever the case, LG is doing quite well, and that’s a good thing because the company has shown great promise. We can’t wait to see what the LG G4 has to offer.