LG’s First 4G Smartwatch (G Watch R2) To Be Showcased At MWC?

This year we have witnessed a fair share of smartphone manufacturers joining the smartwatch game, but things will most likely get even more interesting come 2015. Apple is expected to launch its Watch while many sequels should rear their heads in the world of Android Wear.

LG is one of the aforementioned manufacturers that have shown a real interest in the smartwatch market, as this year alone the Korean tech giant has released two wearables, namely the LG G Watch and the G Watch R. Reportedly, LG is already working on a new smartwatch which will apparently be unveiled during the Mobile World Congress, held in February-March 2015 in Spain. More details right after the break.


LG’s First 4G Smartwatch To Be Showcased At MWC

Earlier today, Business Korea cited industry sources who claim that LG will unveil its first 4G-enabled smartwatch during MWC 2015. The smartwatch will apparently be dubbed the “LG G Watch R2″, which suggests that this 4G-enabled wearable could be a direct successor to the G Watch R, employing a circular dial rather than a square-ish design.

As yet we have no details on what will make this gadget thick, but it looks like Samsung’s 3G capable Gear S will soon have some competition on its hands. However, as wearables already suffer from poor battery life, we do hope that if the LG G Watch R2 will make use of 4G connectivity, it will also provide enough juice to sustain it for a decent amount of time.

Either way, 2015 is shaping up to be a very interesting year for smartwatch enthusiasts, and we’re very eager to see where this particular market will go from here. Do you expect anything in particular from the smartwatches of the future?