LG G Watch R To Go On Sale Extremely Soon, Slightly More Expensive Than G Watch

For months before its official announcement, the Moto 360 has been a media darling. And despite its obvious flaws (the most important being that it’s underpowered), it still is held in high regard by a lot of tech sites and Motorola fans (should we say fanboys?).

We’re not saying that it shouldn’t, only that another round smartwatch should be getting way more press than it has received, as it seems to have what it takes to bring the Moto 360 down – we’re talking, of course, about the LG G Watch R.

If you’ve been intrigued by LG’s upcoming smartwatch, but you had no idea when it’s going to be released, well … joins us after the break for the latest regarding the smartwatch’s availability.


Various South Korean publications are claiming that the LG G Watch R will be released, in South Korea, next Tuesday (14th of October). ZDNet is even claiming that the smartwatch will go on sale as soon as tomorrow (we’re understanding that through a certain online retailer which might have received a short, one week exclusivity deal).

Anyway, one thing all Korean publications seem to agree on is the price tag: 352,000 won (roughly $332). This is evidently more expensive than LG’s original G Watch (270,000 won, which translates to roughly $253), but it was to be expected give the difference in build materials and specs.

According to the Korean media, LG announced that while it hasn’t decided on a release schedule in other regions, the LG G Watch R international release should be in line with the South Korean one. So, get ready, it’s coming!

How do you feel about the Watch R, as opposed to its only competitor – the Moto 360? Let us know in the comments section.