LG G3 Mini Surfaces In Listing, Several Specs In Tow

Since earlier this year, numerous leaks and rumors have hit the web, suggesting that the majority of smartphone manufacturers out there are working on new “Mini” versions of their flagship devices. Evidently, the list was comprised of the Galaxy S5 Mini, the HTC One Mini 2, and oddly enough, the LG G3 Mini, just to name a few.

The reason why we’re finding this a bit unusual is simply because, at the time the first LG G3 Mini-related rumors were hitting the web, the LG G3 was still shrouded in a thick layer of mystery. Clearly, there was not a lot of information to go by, but today we’re going to take a big step towards knowing what the G3 Mini is all about, as the device has been recently spotted in Zauba’s listings with several specs in tow. Check it out after the break.

LG G3 Mini Surfaces in Listing; Reveals More Specifications

The LG G3 Mini (model number “LGD722“) has been recently spotted on the official import / export Indian website known as Zauba. This means that the handset is heading to India for testing and evaluation purposes, which also indicates that the handset is definitely closing in to the finish line.

Zauba’s listing has also shed more light on the LG G3 Mini’s specifications, and according to these bits of data, the handset will boast a 4.5 inch display, a quad-core processor clocked at 1.2 GHz and 8 GB of internal storage. The device seems to feature a 5 MP main camera, and is being powered by a 2,100 mAh battery.

As a reminder, according to the guys at My LG Phones, the LG G3 Mini bearing the model number “LGD722” is destined for the European market. Reportedly, the “LGD725” is going to head to AT&T; China Mobile LTE will retail the “LGD728“; prospective customers from Taiwan will eventually have the opportunity of buying the “LGD722K“; and last but not least, the “LGD724” is cruising towards CIS.

We’ll keep you up to speed as soon as we find out more, so stay tuned.