LG G4 Might Not Come With A Metal Case, While G4 Note Will Probably Rock One

After several years of sticking to plastic materials, in 2014 Samsung took a very important step in the evolution of its premium smartphone line-up and released the first handsets featuring metal frames and higher build quality. These efforts eventually led to the creation of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge – two smartphones that have been very well received by the industry during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

It’s pretty obvious that more and more smartphone makers shifted their focus towards improving the design of their products, and apparently LG might also join the party by the end of the year. Reportedly the Korean tech giant is now preparing for the adoption of metal cases for its future smartphones, and the first handset in the company’s line-up to ditch polycarbonate for a sturdier metal case could be the fabled LG G4 Note. More details below.

LG G4 Might Not Come With A Metal Case, While G4 Note Will Probably Rock One

LG G4 Note to Feature a Metal Case?

According to industry insiders cited by ZDNet in Korea, LG plans to soon make more extensive use of metal in the construction of its future smartphones. This is a strategic move to help competing against rivals like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and other smartphone makers who have already adopted metal inserts or cases for their recent flagship phones.

Sadly though, LG might not be ready to make this change soon enough for the release of the LG G4. Creating metal cases in large quantities requires new equipment, and although LG is apparently considering switching to newer CNCs (computer precision control) in order to start manufacturing its own metal cases, this would be a costly and time consuming endeavor. In other words, even if LG will go through with this strategic move the company will not have enough time to set everything in place for the production of metal cases for the LG G4.

On the bright side, although the Korean company might miss the G4′s launch timeframe, the source revealed that LG could have enough time to join the metal case bandwagon by the end of the year, and the company’s first metal-clad flagship might turn out to be the rumored LG G4 Note – a gadget that was already tipped by LG to surpass the G-series.

How the rest of the story will unfold remains to be seen and obviously, it will all come down to whether or not LG will be willing to invest in new equipment for this endeavor. Given the actions of its competitors though, this change seems inevitable.