LG G5 To Come With A Full Metal Unibody?

LG’s transition to premium building materials has been rather slow, but it is still under way. While most flagship phones for 2015 have been covered in metal or glass, the LG G4 employed a plastic build offering a variety of customization options, including a comfortable leather back panel.

It was only with the recently announced V10 that LG made a bigger step towards a metal build, as the aforementioned handset boasts a “Dura Guard” stainless steel frame to better protect the internal components on impact.

However, according to recent rumors, in 2016, LG might take another huge step towards adopting premium builds. It will do so through the LG G5, which will reportedly be wrapped in a full metal unibody.

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LG G5 to Feature a Metal Unibody Design?

For the past several years, the high-end Android market has evolved from a segment riddled with plastic builds to a niche where even emerging smartphone makers have a chance to boast new metal designs every few months or so.

LG’s switch from plastic to metal wasn’t as fast, but the company still managed to capture the attention of prospective customers with terminals like the LG G4, and more recently the LG V10.

However, if the latest reports from South Korea turn out to be accurate, next year, LG will bring out the big guns and introduce the fabled LG G5 wrapped in a full metal unibody. How LG will tackle the supply issues remains to be seen, but the introduction of an all-metal build is a long overdue change in design philosophy and we’re hopeful that 2016 will be the year for LG to shine.

Not much is confirmed at this point so keep in mind the nature of the information above and don’t take it for granted. We’ll keep you posted if we come across more rumors on the matter.