Moto 360 To Be Built Out Of Plastic? Disappointment In The Making?

It seems like we’ve been talking about the Moto 360 since forever. Even though the exact specifications and features have never really been unveiled, Motorola and Google have been showcasing the smartwatch like it’s already available for purchase. Not to say that seeing and hearing more and more of the Moto 360 is a bad thing, but exposing a product so early in the development cycle and then taking ages to release it on the market has been proven to be a bad move from a marketing point of view. Now-a-days consumers tend to get bored relatively quickly with devices that never seem to become available (I’m almost bored with the OnePlus One, for example) and move on to the next good looking kid on the block.

Fortunately for Motorola, there isn’t such a new kid on the smartwatch horizon, at least not one to shape up to be as cool, as shiny and feature packed as the Moto 360 … yet. However, according to the newest report, the Moto 360 itself might not be that luxurious smartwatch we’ve all been lead to believe it is. Join us after the break for the whole story.


Ever since we’ve relayed the first Moto 360 rumors, the smartwatch promised to be one hell of a gadget, built out of quality materials (sapphire display) and packed to the brim with awesome specs (OLED display, wireless charging). What came after reaffirmed the idea that Motorola’s smartwatch will be a premium device, as we’ve heard that it will be difficult to manufacture due to its round shape and that it will be almost twice as expensive as its brethren, the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live.

However, according to the newest rumor, the shiny Moto 360 is not built out of metal, like we’ve been lead to believe by various promotional shots and teasers. Nope, Moto’s smartwatch will reportedly play in the “Plastic League”.

The same source is also disclosing the fact the Moto 360 will indeed feature wireless charging, but that will come with a downside: increased thickness (13.5mm). To put this into context, the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live are 9.9 and 8.9 mm thick.

It has also been speculated that the Moto 360 will actually be on the bigger side. Well, according to the source, the smartwatch will be 48mm in diameter. If that’s big or average we’ll let you decide.

That’s about it for now, but we’ll keep looking for clues in regards to the Moto 360 hardware specs and features. In the meantime please let us know how would a plastic build affect your decision of buying the Moto 360? Would it make it less attractive?