Motorola Working On A 6.3 Inch Phablet and Droid Ultra’s Successor?

After many months of getting nothing but vague rumors from Motorola, the now-Google-owned company has announced and released its latest smartphone line-up not too long ago, line-up consisting in the Motorola Moto X and the new Droid family for Verizon.

While these handsets have their appeal, fact of the matter is that Motorola needs to put in some extra effort if it wishes to remain a relevant manufacturer. The rest of the big-shots are constantly working on launching a ton of intriguing smartphones, and the Moto X alongside the Droids will not keep Motorola’s boat floating for long. Fortunately, new rumors have just emerged, suggesting that the company is already working on a couple of brand-new top-shelve gadgets.

Motorola Phablet and Droid Ultra Successor in the Works?

New rumors surrounding Moto’s plans have recently hit Weibo, through a trusted source that has proven to be quite accurate, especially when talking about Motorola’s products (spot-on Moto X leaks and rumors).

According to these latest bits and pieces, Motorola is now working on a smartphone dubbed the “Motorola Droid Quantum”. This handset will allegedly be the successor to Verizon’s Motorola Droid Ultra.

More so, the same tipster also suggests that the company is planning on launching a phablet as well, dubbed the “Motorola Xplay”, which will feature a gargantuan 6.3 inch display. It might seem like wishful thinking, but in reality, big-screen devices have become very popular lately, and many manufacturers have joined this particular market segment, including Sony with its humongous Xperia Z Ultra (6.4 inch).

HTC also seems to plan on launching the fabled One Max pretty soon, so it’s only natural for Motorola to want and join the phablet market. It remains to be seen, assuming this info is accurate, if the decision to put out an over 6 inch display device will be inspired, especially considering that Samsung has stopped at 5.7 inch with its Note 3.

As for the alleged release of these two devices, the source claims that the Xplay will hit the market sometime in 2014. We suspect that the Quantum (if real) will rear its head next year as well, especially given the fact that the current Verizon Motorola Droid line-up is still very fresh.

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Source: Weibo