Next Samsung Exynos Chipset To Feature A Cat. 10 LTE Modem?

Earlier this year, LTE Cat.6 technology started becoming the new standard for flagship phones around the world. Cat.6 LTE allows smartphones to achieve download speeds of up to 300 Mbps if the network allows it, so it was a pretty important step in the evolution of mobile networks. Nevertheless, the technology will not stop there, and as most of you might be aware of, in November, Qualcomm announced its first Cat.10 LTE multimode solution, comprised of a new Qualcomm Gobi 9.45 modem and a second-gen Qualcomm RF360 Envelope Tracker.

While Qualcomm was the first to make an official announcement regarding this type of technology, the chipmaker at hand will not be the only one to deliver Cat.10 LTE solutions in the foreseeable future. In fact, a fresh report from South Korea suggests that Samsung is already working on a Cat.10-enabled Exynos chip of its own.

Next Samsung Exynos Chipset To Feature A Cat. 10 LTE Modem

Next Samsung Exynos Chip to Feature a Cat.10 LTE Modem

According to the Korean media, Samsung’s next Exynos SoC (which will be released next year) will include a 3-band Cat.10 LTE-enabled modem, allowing for speeds of up to 450 Mbps on compatible networks. Reportedly, Korea’s major carriers, including LG U+, already plan to have 3-band carrier aggregation set in place by the end of December.

It is unclear if this new Cat.10 modem will be manufactured by other companies or by Samsung itself, but the latest Cat.6 LTE modem featured on the Exynos 5430 is indeed an in-house chip, dubbed the Exynos Modem 303. It’s safe to assume that the next Exynos SoC will feature an LTE modem developed by Samsung itself, and it’s also interesting to note that if the Galaxy S6 will be launched in two main flavors like the previous models (one powered by Qualcomm and the other by Exynos), then the Exynos-enabled SGS6 variant will technically achieve faster network speeds than its Snapdragon 810-equipped counterpart, expected to make use of “only” a Cat.6/7 modem.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as we find out more so stay tuned.