Nexus 6 Prototype Pics Show Scrapped Fingerprint Sensor

It’s been a while since the Nexus 6 was released, and after roughly 9 months of market availability, Google’s first phablet is slowly but surely becoming old news. Nevertheless, today we came across several pictures that push the N6 back into our headlines, as more evidence of Motorola’s initial plans for the Nexus 6 have surfaced.

As some of you might recall, ever since the Nexus 6 was released, many gadget enthusiasts have been wondering about the reason behind the dimple found on the smartphone’s back panel (you know, the one carrying the Motorola logo). More so, you might recall that, back in January, ex-Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside confirmed that the dimple was in fact designed to accommodate a fingerprint recognition sensor. However, because at that time Apple had a hold on the best fingerprint sensor supplier, Motorola was forced to scrap its initial plans and release the Nexus 6 without the aforementioned biometric technology.

Today, after many months since these questions have been answered, we came across a handful of pictures depicting a Nexus 6 prototype rocking the scrapped fingerprint sensor. Take a look below.


Nexus 6 Prototype Shows a Fingerprint Sensor

There you have it folks. This is what Motorola initially had in mind for the Nexus 6.

Today, most Nexus enthusiasts either own the N6 or they’ve already made up their minds against buying one several months ago. Either way, we can’t help but wonder what a fingerprint recognition sensor could have meant for the Nexus 6, and indeed Android Lollipop. As some of you know, Android L does not offer native support for fingerprint recognition, unlike the upcoming Android M.


What’s your take on the story? Seeing these live pictures of a Nexus 6 prototype, do you think the implementation of a fingerprint sensor (and a native fingerprint API within Lollipop) could have made the N6 a more successful and iconic device in the world of Android?