Nokia’s Upcoming Metal, Boxy Smartphone Resurfaces – Entry Level Offering?

As most of our readers should be aware of, Microsoft has been the owner of the “Lumia” brand ever since the Redmond giant acquired Nokia’s phone division, roughly a couple years ago. Throughout this time, Nokia had to fulfill a non-compete agreement, meaning that the Finnish company was prevented from building its own smartphones for a couple of years.

The good news for fans of the Finnish brand is that the non-compete clause ended with 2015, and Nokia can now jump back into the smartphone game; at least in theory.

Needless to say, there have been numerous rumors hinting at Nokia’s return to the smartphone market in 2016, and furthermore, Nokia’s CEO also previously confirmed that the company’s mobile division will make a comeback this year.

More to the point at hand, earlier today, one of Nokia’s alleged upcoming smartphones resurfaced in several hands-on pictures, flaunting a metal build and a rather boxy form factor. Check out the images below and keep on scrolling for more details.

Nokia’s Mysterious Metal Smartphone Resurfaces

In case you’ve been keeping an eye on the latest Nokia-related rumors then you might know that the smartphone showcased in these fresh photos was also spotted roughly a couple of weeks ago.

It features a metal unibody with two antenna bands at the top and bottom, and at first glance, the back panel seems to boast a design language similar to the HTC One A9.

Nevertheless, the handset is undeniably “boxier” than the A9 or the iPhone 6 series, and given its overall dimensions when compared to the white Lumia smartphone side-by-side, the upcoming model seems to be on the chunky side.

On the other hand, this might also be an earlier prototype of an upcoming Nokia smartphone, which means it might not reflect the final design after all. The last time this particular model was spotted in leaked images (via GSM Arena), the “PROTOTYPE” label was clearly visible on the back panel. Although the label seems to be missing from these newer images, the overall design looks unchanged.

Whatever the situation may be, we’re hoping that Nokia will be releasing the device and rejoin the market soon. Either way, the source behind these fresh images claims that the handset will not exceed the 500 yuan mark, which converts to about $75 and translates to a low-end smartphone.

We’ll keep you posted if we find out more.