Official: LG G Flex 2 and LG Vu 4 Coming In H2 2014

During these past several weeks, the LG G3 has constantly popped-up on our radars, as the handset’s official announcement was drawing nearer by the day. Sure enough, LG held one of the highly anticipated G3-related events in Seoul (in addition to New York, San Francisco, London, Istanbul and Singapore), where the company’s latest flagship phone has been made official in all its glory.

Interestingly enough though, the G3 has not been the only exciting topic of the day, as the Korean tech giant has also announced that it’s working on two sequels from its line-up, both of which will hit the shelves in the second half of the year. Interested in learning more? Then keep on scrolling down and joins us below for the full story.

Official: LG G Flex 2 and LG Vu 4 in the Works

Following yesterday’s announcement of the LG G3, the company held a separate press conference in Seoul, where LG has officially announced that an LG G Flex 2 as well as an LG Vu 4 are planned for a release in H2 2014.

Despite the fact that the original LG G Flex hasn’t been one of the most successful smartphones to be released in 2013, we already knew that LG has plans for a sequel which should have a much improved flexible AMOLED display. The Flex is currently one of the only two handsets to come with a flexible display (the other being the Samsung Galaxy Round).

On the other hand we have the LG Vu series, which also hasn’t managed to make a great impact on the international phablet market, mainly because of the huge success enjoyed by Samsung’s Galaxy Note line-up and its awkward 4:3 display ratio.

Perhaps LG has big plans for both the LG G Flex 2 and LG Vu 4 and maybe this year’s sequels will have enough to offer in order to remain relevant for a longer period of time. Only time will tell.

Until we find out more about LG’s future plans concerning the Flex and Vu, feel free to share your thoughts below and let us know if you’d be interested in either one of these sequels.