OnePlus One Mini / X Hands On Photos Surface

[UPDATE] As some of you know, we’ve been recently contacted by an anonymous tipster who had a lot to share regarding the OnePlus Mini, based on his experience with a prototype. However, after these images have surfaced we have been contacted again by the same source claiming that the OnePlus device pictured below has nothing in common with the prototype he tested roughly two months ago.

So, a couple of new questions are arising: are the OnePlus Mini and the OnePlus X two totally different devices? Has the OnePlus Mini been delayed (or canceled), and the OnePlus X is here to bridge the gap? This would probably explain why various reports are mentioning that the X is using the SD 801 SoC (as opposed to the info we received, claiming that the Mini is powered by Mediatek’s Helio X10). We will update you as soon as we hear anything new [/UPDATE]

Earlier today, we brought you several new details regarding OnePlus Mini’s alleged hardware specifications and the tech that might be present on the device at launch. Only time will tell how many of these rumors will turn out to be true, but until that happens, it looks like TENAA gave us a semi-official reason to bring the OnePlus Mini back into the headlines for a second time today.

Needless to say, the highly anticipated OP Mini (or OnePlus X according to some rumors) seems to have paid TENAA a visit, where a couple of images depicting the device have already been published.

Indeed, this is the first time we get to see the OnePlus Mini in live photos, and surprisingly enough – or contrary to most of the renders and rumors so far- it doesn’t really meet the general expectations in terms of design.

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OnePlus Mini / OnePlus X Photos Emerge

The images you see above have been pulled from the TENAA database and shared earlier today on China’s Weibo network. Much to our expectations, the terminal doesn’t seem to have a dual-camera setup on the back panel (like a certain render from a while back depicted), and instead it uses a single sensor embedded in the upper-left corner, similar to the iPhone 6 / 6s.

The handset appears to be surrounded by a metal frame, (we assume it’s made of metal but it can be plastic imitating metal as well) which in turn seems to be sandwiched by two 2.5D glass panels covering the front and the back. Does this mean that the OnePlus Mini hasn’t been designed with the StyleSwap cover concept in mind? Judging by these images alone, we cannot tell for sure, as the back panel of the depicted model could as well be made out of glossi plastic.

Other details worth mentioning include three capacitive buttons at the bottom of the front panel (which might be replaceable by on-screen software keys at the user’s discretion), a single LED flash underneath the main camera, and what appears to be a physical switch key on the left-hand edge of the phone, which will hopefully offer similar functionality as OnePlus 2’s beloved 3-way switch.

Not many details seem to have been revealed by TENAA in regards to the hardware specs, other than the overall dimensions which clock in at 140 x 69 x 6.9 mm, the size of the screen which seems to measure 5 inches (4.99) in diagonal, and the 2,450 mAh battery.

The terminal bears the model number “ONE E1001” and is confirmed to run on Android.

Via Weibo