Quanta Says It’s Working On Next-Gen Apple Watch, End of Q2 Release?

Opinions on the original Apple Watch are split. Selling figures show that the product enjoyed high demand since its release, but many gadget enthusiasts are of the opinion that the Watch has a lot of quirks and is not the groundbreaking product it could’ve been. This is why you may have heard many reviewers saying that you should probably wait for the second generation to be launched before you should hop on the bandwagon.

On the other hand, the Watch is also considered and marketed as a fashion item, and depending on how crazy you want to go with the building materials, it can cost a small fortune. For these reasons, some people speculated in the past that Apple will not release a new Watch every year, and that, instead, it will adopt a different launch schedule and keep the Watch updated software-wise.

However, according to a new report from China citing Quanta’s chairman Barry Lam, a new generation of the Watch is already in the works for a late Q2 2016 release.

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Quanta Says the Next-Gen Watch is in the Works

The Apple Watch was, and still is manufactured (or rather assembled) by Quanta Computer. It was officially announced in September 2014 and released about six months ago in April 2015.

The latest regarding Apple’s next wearable comes from Quanta’s chairman Barry Lam, who revealed during an investor meeting that a new generation of the Apple Watch is already being worked on. He added that next year, the smartwatch market will continue to grow and mature and that evidently, the next-gen Watch will be, and will perform better than the original model.

According to rumors that started circulating in the Chinese media, after Quanta founder’s statement, the Apple Watch 2 will apparently hit the shelves near the end of Q2 2016 – or less than a year after the original model’s debut. Allegedly, a small batch will be delivered in late Q2, with volume shipment starting in Q3 2016.

No details on what might make the next-gen Watch tick were revealed, but we can take a wild guess and say that the upcoming model might include a 3G modem under the hood. Whether Apple will create a new gadget from the ground-up, or retain the same design and launch the sequel with upgraded internals (as an “S” model) remains to be seen.