Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Surfaces Again, Screen Accounting For 84%?

And the alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 3 leaks just keep surfacing.

If last week we were sent an image which was supposedly featuring a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 prototype, today we stumbled on another one claiming the same thing.

What you’ll notice is that the new leak shows what at first seems to be an entirely different device. However there is a plausible explanation for that. Join us after the break for more.

First of all, the leaker’s only remark is “6 inches, screen accounting for 84%! I can not tell you this is Galaxy Note 3 😀 ” (it was originally in Chinese but Google Translate is our friend).

Now, if you look closer at the pic, you’ll notice that the device has rounded corners, while the Galaxy Note 3 leaks that made the rounds last week were featuring a handset with straight-edges.

However, this doesn’t mean that either of them is fake as Samsung has been known to camouflage its devices by placing them in fake shells.

One thing that both leaks have in common is the narrow bezel. It’s not edge to edge but it’s definitely an improvement over the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

So what do you think? Could this indeed be the Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Does it look to much like the Galaxy Mega 6.3? Let us know in the comments section.

Thanks @PunkPanda!