Samsung Galaxy Note 4′s Core of Innovation: Flexible Display and Metal Case?

Contrary to how the story of  both the Galaxy S4 and the SGS3 developed, this year’s Samsung Galaxy S5 hasn’t really rocked the mobile world. In other words, while the device enjoyed its time under the spotlight shortly after its release, the Korean manufacturer’s biggest rivals fought back like never before. The HTC One M8 as well as the LG G3 “stole” Galaxy S5′s thunder, and in the end, the S5 hasn’t managed to remain the mobile world’s main topic of discussion for too long.

With the iPhone 6 becoming an extremely hyped device, and with countless rumors suggesting that Apple will finally jump on the large-display bandwagon, Samsung seems to be losing ground. Nevertheless, the Korean tech giant has one more big release scheduled for 2014, and according to the latest rumors, Samsung will focus all of its energy to make the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 an iconic Android device.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Core Innovations

According to industry insiders cited by the Korean media, Samsung Electronics intends on fitting the upcoming Note 4 with a wide range of new technologies. For starters, the design team behind the Note 4 is now rumored to try and decide what type of premium materials to be used in the construction of the phablet’s premium case; the list containing stainless steel, aluminum and magnesium. However, the metal case will reportedly be present only on the Premium version of the Note 4.

Not only that, but allegedly the handset (most probably the same Premium version) could also adopt a flexible display – hopefully in a more intelligent manner than the Galaxy Round did before it. Reportedly, Samsung has upped its flexible display capacity by 50% in preparation for the more than likely high Note 4 demand.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is rumored to pack a main camera that will boast OIS (optical image stabilization), and the source also suggested that Samsung is doing all it can to innovate the device from a hardware standpoint. Like it was rumored not long ago, Samsung intended to use a 12MP camera, in order to “increase the light intensity”, but ended up choosing a 16MP unit, just like older reports and rumors have suggested.

All in all, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 shapes up to be a promising phablet, and thanks to a healthy competition, the Korean tech giant might finally step out of its comfort zone and decide (or be forced) to truly innovate. Any thoughts? Feel free to share them below.