Samsung Galaxy Note 4′s Early Launch Marred By Manufacturing Issues

As some of you already know, despite the fact that Samsung initially announced that the Galaxy Note 4 will be released in October, the manufacturer decided to launch its new Note phablet earlier, in South Korea and China, in an effort to steal iPhone 6′s thunder in these two markets (Apple hasn’t begun selling its latest smartphones in the aforementioned countries).

So, in South Korea, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been released on September 26, but unfortunately, it hasn’t been the ideal launch Samsung was hoping for. Join us after the break for more.

Something is not right with the above pics, right? Well, according to the Korean media, quite a number of users who have purchased the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 have been complaining that there is a gap between the smartphone’s display and its casing.

How large of a gap are we talking about? Reportedly enough to fit two sheets of A4 paper or a business card (like seen in the above pics). It sounds like the perfect place for the dust and/or lint to settle in, or worse, for those sneaky water drops to put your brand new Galaxy Note 4 on the fritz.

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According to the source, Samsung is aware of the issues and we’re hoping that it will make the necessary changes so that the international release of the Note 4 will go without a hitch.

#bendgate? It’s probably karma at play here…