Samsung Galaxy S4 – Sales Figures Are Actually Through The Roof (40+ Million Units)

Throughout the year we’ve heard a lot of reports indicating that Samsung is disappointed with the sales figures of the Galaxy S4. To be more precise, while the SGS4 sold pretty well, the handset has allegedly failed to meet the manufacturer’s expectations on the market.

These reports have also been tied with other rumors, indicating that the Korean giant could bring the release of the Galaxy S5 forward, in order to compensate for these “not as high” sales numbers. But, in case you’re wondering just how “bad” or well the Galaxy S4 was received on the market, then join us after the break and find the answer.

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Sales Figures Are Actually Through The Roof

Samsung Galaxy S4 Official Sales Figures

According to the Korean media, Samsung’s CEO (J.K. Shin) has just made a statement in regards to how many Galaxy S4 units have been sold world-wide, since the gadget has been released on the market.

The answer is a whopping 40+ million units! One month after its release, the S4 topped 10 million units sold, and managed to reach the 30 million mark in four months after its launch. World-wide, there currently are more than 40 million Galaxy S4 units out and about. We’re not sure about Samsung’s expectations, but these figures are quite impressive.

On a different matter, it appears that the source also quotes J.K. Shin in regards to the Galaxy S4 batteries. While our Korean is quite rusty, from what we understand, Samsung is working with the supplier of batteries in order to fix the problems that have caused some units to swell (and even explode?) This bit of information also reminds us of a previous report, suggesting that Samsung is planning on developing solid state flexible batteries by 2015.

Any thoughts?