Samsung Exec: Galaxy S5 at MWC 2014, “New Material” Build, Flexible Display “Under Review”

A lot of “digital ink” has been “spilled” for the subject that is the next iteration in the Galaxy S series, and as the official announcement approaches, the rumor mill will probably be very busy.

A couple of weeks ago, a Digitimes report was claiming that Samsung is unlikely to adopt a metal build for the upcoming Galaxy S5, after several months of countless rumors that have been claiming this very exact same thing. Well, now we’ve stumbled on some new, “semi-offcial” info which might turn the tides, yet again, in metal’s favor.

Wondering if the Samsung Galaxy S5 will pack a “flexible display“? Another reason to join us after the break.

According to the Korean Media, when attending the New Year’s party at Shilla Hotel in Seoul, Samsung’s Vice President and Head of Design Strategy (Dong-hoon Chang, picture above) has been assaulted by reporters with questions mainly about the Samsung Galaxy S5.

What he said was “off the record” (hence this “semi-official” piece of info), so things might change between now and the official announcement, but we’ll take this kind of info over “industry sources originated reports” any time. Anyway, lets get to it – according to Dong-hoon Chang, the rumors according to which the Galaxy S5 will be officially announced at MWC 2014 are “about right“, the new smartphone will be made out of “new material” (maybe metal with Diamond-like coating?), and the decision whether or not the device will feature a “flexible display” has not been made yet, as it is still “under review“.

Does this mean that we won’t see a Samsung Galaxy S5 made out of “good ol’ Samsung plastic“? Not exactly, as previous reports out of South Korea have been mentioning that the manufacturer has two S5 models in the works – a plastic one, and a premium, metal-built version (which also employs a flexible display). Our guess is that we’ll have a regular Galaxy S5 (metal build, known under the Galaxy F codename) and a Lite model (a strategy in line with what Samsung appears to have in mind for the Galaxy Note 3).

What do you think? Which version would you prefer, considering that the “Premium Galaxy S5″ might be more expensive than what we’ve been used to for flagship models?