Samsung Galaxy S5 To Miss The OIS Train After All?

Yesterday we had the chance to talk about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5, as the Korean media was buzzing with news regarding Sammy’s production plans for the device. We also talked about the alleged hardware specs of the next Samsung flagship, and assuming that you’ve read the article, you might remember that we’ve mentioned something about a 16 MP camera.

Those of you who have been up to date with this year’s developments on the mobile market should be aware of the fact that OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) has started to play a big role in smartphone cameras. You may also be familiar with the story of why both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note 3 lack this type of technology. In any case, we’re all hoping that the upcoming gadget in the Galaxy S series will boast OIS, but according to the latest reports, it might not happen after all. More details below.


Samsung Galaxy S5 to Lack OIS?

The idea that Samsung might not be able to equip the SGS5 with an OIS-enable camera is not really a new one. We’ve discussed about this about a month ago, and back then we’ve told you that the S5 might lack OIS due to the supplier’s inability to deliver enough modules.

Unfortunately, this disappointing news just gained more grip, as new reports coming from Korea are now suggesting that the SGS5 will indeed lack optical image stabilization. Who’s at fault? You’ve guessed it… The suppliers.

We were hoping that Samsung will manage to put together its own camera production line that would be capable of pushing enough OIS units for the high demand of the SGS5, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. We were also hoping that the recently announced ISOCELL camera, that will most likely make its debut on the SGS5, will take advantage of OIS despite the fact that there was no mention of this technology when the unit has been unveiled. Once again, this seems highly unlikely at this point. But you never know, since they're known for producing top-tier android phones.

So when will we be able to buy a Samsung flagship phone boasting an OIS camera? Sources claim that the Korean manufacturer will be ready to launch such a device in the second part of 2014. This timeframe makes the Galaxy Note 4 a prime candidate, but leaves the Galaxy S5 in the dust.

We’ll keep an eye out, so stay tuned for more. Until then, feel free to share your thoughts below.