Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Gets Certified In South Korea, Release Date Approaching?

With the rather high number of flagship smartphones (read: Galaxy S5 spin-offs) being released and / or announced by Samsung, during these past several weeks the Korean tech giant’s smartphone line-up has been one of the most discussed topics. Following the SGS5′s official launch, the company has enjoyed a lot of time under the spotlight thanks to the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom and the SGS5 Active. However, it seems like the hype has toned down a bit ever since the LG G3 QHD beast stepped on stage, and chances are that the aforementioned device will continue to overshadow its competitors for weeks to come.

Nevertheless, let’s not forget that Samsung has its own QHD smartphone in the works. However, if you’ve already forgotten, the recent events are definitely going to serve as a reminder. More details below.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime is one of the most intensively-rumored smartphone of the year, and today we’re going to add up to the pile of rumors with some official developments.

In a nutshell, those of you who are eagerly waiting for the Prime to hit the shelves should be glad to learn that the smartphone in question has just been certified by South Korea’s equivalent of the FCC, or the RRA (Radio Research Agency). Interestingly enough, not one, but three versions of the device have been certified by the RRA, each one coming with its own model number and carrier branding. The “SM-G906S” is destined for SKT, the “SM-G906K” will head down to KT, and LG U+ will apparently retail the “SM-G906L“.

We should also remind you that (what we think it’s) the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime (specifically the SM-G906L) has been recently certified by Bluetooth as well, so all in all, our guess is that Samsung is preparing the S5 Prime for the big day (rumored release date ‘around June‘), especially now that the LG G3 is gaining a lot of attention from both consumers and media. We’re evidently eager to see how the battle between these two giants will unfold, so we’ll be keeping an eye on the Prime. Stay tuned for more.