Report: Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date: End Of March, “At The Earliest”

The Mobile World Congress is only a few days away, and as every Samsung enthusiast knows by now, the manufacturer is expected to unveil the Galaxy S5 during the event. The gadget will probably be the highlight of the show and we’re quite excited for its arrival – as every gadget enthusiast should be.

However, while the smartphone’s official unveiling seems to be only a few days away, the time for leaks, rumors and reports has not come to an end just yet. Earlier today, the Korean media has reported that the standard Galaxy S5 will be dust and waterproof, thus there is no “Active” spin-off in the works. However, what caught our attention is the bit of information that “industry officials” have revealed about the S5′s launch date. Full story below.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date – “End of March, At the Earliest”

Looking back at some of Samsung’s flagship smartphones, we can deduce that the Galaxy S5 will most likely go on sale on the global market roughly one month after its official unveiling. That may still be the case, but the recent reports concerning the handset’s waterproof capabilities have also included more information regarding the smartphone’s release.

Apparently, Samsung has yet to place orders for various SGS5 parts. If the company will start placing orders by the end of this month, or in early March, sources claim that we can expect the smartphone to be ready for shipping at the end of March “at the earliest”. This evidently implies that there’s a possibility for the S5 to miss the Q1 launch timeframe.

Come to think of it, we’ve made a full circle to one of our earlier reports from November 2013, when we’ve discussed the possibility that the S5 will hit the market in March-April.

Regardless, the smartphone is on its way, and we’re pretty confident that Samsung will not drag this out for too long. Keep in mind that other flagship devices are usually slowly expanding their reach in new regions and continents (such as the LG G Pro 2). With the S5, we can at least expect a simultaneous global launch. Any thoughts?