Samsung Galaxy S7 To Have a 12MP Camera With Bigger Sensor Size (Rumor)

The Sony Xperia Z5 lineup is equipped with one of the best smartphone cameras ever created, and ever since the Z5 debuted at IFA in Berlin, the brand new IMX300 sensor managed to capture the headlines with positive reviews.

In fact, Sony’s latest 23 MP smartphone camera is so powerful that Samsung may have considered using it for the Galaxy S7 – at least according to rumors.

On the other hand, an even fresher rumor now claims that Samsung’s next flagship phone could actually employ a 12 MP unit with a slightly bigger sensor than the Samsung S5K2P2 ISOCELL used by the Note 5 and S6 Edge+.

More details below.

Samsung Galaxy S7 to Sport a 12 MP Camera?

For the past couple of months, the Samsung Galaxy S7 was brought under the unofficial spotlight several times, and as some of you might recall, back in October, rumor had it that the S7 might use a 20 MP ISOCELL camera.

Then, earlier this week, the Galaxy S7 was once again the topic of discussion thanks to a new series of rumors suggesting that Samsung is negotiating with Sony to acquire the impressive IMX300 sensor.

However, according to an even newer report, Samsung might have decided to equip the upcoming Galaxy S7 with a 12 MP camera. Reportedly Samsung will no longer push for a higher pixel count, but instead the company will work on improving image quality through other means, such as increasing the sensor size to 1/2.0” and by equipping the unit with dual-PD (dual-photodiode) technology. The source adds that the new sensor is allegedly nearing mass production.

Decreasing the number of pixels would be quite an interesting gear switch for Samsung, given that earlier this year its arch-nemesis – Apple – decided to finally increase the number of MP on latest iPhones up to 12 MP.

Of course, the rumors are unconfirmed so keep a proverbial pinch of salt nearby. Until we find out more, stay tuned.