Samsung Galaxy S7: 10% Cheaper Than Galaxy S6?

Earlier this week, during Samsung’s anniversary ceremony, the company’s Vice Chairman Kwon Oh-Hyun talked about the stagnating smartphone business and how Samsung needs to embrace radical changes in order to overcome any difficulties. The VC talked about how Samsung needs an “extraordinary transformation” and mentioned that if they resist change, they will not survive as a business.

Although Kwon Oh-Hyun wasn’t too specific regarding the adjustments that need to be made, it may be that one of the upcoming changes will lie in the restructuring of launch prices. This has yet to be confirmed, but according to a fresh rumor the Samsung Galaxy S7 will have a retail price 10% lower than the Galaxy S6’.


Samsung Galaxy S7 to be 10% Cheaper Than Its Predecessor?

According to a new rumor passed along by analyst Pan Jiutang, the Samsung Galaxy S7 might be released along with a slightly smaller price tag than the Galaxy S6. Reportedly, the next-gen model’s price will be 10% lower than that of its predecessor.

While a lower price tag would technically allow Samsung to compete better against its rivals, including Apple whose flagships are rather pricey, we should reemphasize that this is an unconfirmed rumor which isn’t based on market analysis, despite the fact that it may originate from Pan Jiutang. Treat the information accordingly.

As for the Samsung Galaxy S7 itself, the latest rumors claim that the terminal might be equipped with a new 12 MP camera featuring a bigger sensor. It should also use a Snapdragon 820 / Exynos 8890 CPU configuration, and might be launched as early as January 2016 with the world’s best 32-bit Stereo D/A converter in tow.