Samsung Galaxy S7: Glass and Magnesium Alloy Build?

A week after the iPhone 6s was officially unveiled with a 7000-series aluminum unibody in tow, we came across a rumor hinting that, come 2016, Samsung will also make changes in its choice of building materials.

Specifically, we heard that the Galaxy S7 could feature a magnesium alloy chassis or unibody, said to be even more resilient than the high-strength 6013 aluminum chassis used for the Galaxy S6.

Today these rumors have made a comeback via prolific leakster “i Ice universe” on Weibo, who claims that this top-tier Android phone will be wrapped in both magnesium alloy and glass.

Join us after the break for more details.


Samsung Galaxy S7: Glass and Magnesium Build

Last month, when we first heard that Samsung might employ a new building material for the SGS7, the original report wasn’t too clear on whether the handset will boast a unibody design or one similar to the Galaxy S6.

According to fresh rumors from China, however, Samsung’s upcoming flagship will not be wrapped in a CNC machined block of metal. Instead, it will most likely feature a new, stronger chassis built from magnesium alloy while remaining true to the general principles upon which the SGS6 was built, i.e. it will have a glass back panel.

While this particular rumor appears to be gaining grip, we should remind you that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is still a few good months away from its official unveiling, and a lot can change in the meantime. But until new rumors emerge suggesting otherwise, it looks like the Galaxy S7 will not be celebrated for introducing a brand new design language.

As for the changes we expect under the hood, earlier rumors hinted at a 5.7-inch display, a Snapdragon 820 / Exynos M1 SoC, and even a dual-camera combo similar to HTC One M8’s.

We’ll keep you up to speed as we find out more.