Samsung Galaxy S7 – Release Date, Price, Specs – Definitive Guide

Over the past several months, the Samsung Galaxy S7 became one of the hottest topics of discussion in the mobile world. Numerous leaks and rumors have been flying around uncontrollably; many of which will eventually turn out to be spot on.

To keep the information in check we’ve put together a “definitive guide” for the Galaxy S7, which will, in fact, act as a hub for quick access to all the important bits of the puzzle we found, or may find in the future.

You’ll find all the details below.

Samsung Galaxy S7 – Specs

Some of the more popular rumors surrounding Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone relate to the handset’s alleged chipset. As you may have heard by now, the Galaxy S7 should be released in two main flavors, one equipped with a Snapdragon 820 SoC, and the other with an Exynos 8890 / M1 featuring custom cores.

Samsung Exynos

Aside from the CPU, there’s also been a handful of rumors targeting the smartphone’s camera configuration. Early reports explored the possibility of a dual-camera setup, but while Samsung may be working on dual-camera technology for future terminals, the Galaxy S7 should carry a single primary unit after all.

The camera itself might be a 20 MP sensor, or a 16 MP ISOCELL unit. Then again, most recent rumors hint at a 12 MP unit with a larger sensor, which might be part of a new family of called BRITECELL.

Speaking of multimedia, the Samsung Galaxy S7 might also be equipped with a Stereo D/A converter developed by ESS Technology. It’s called the “SABRE9018AQ2M” and was first unveiled at CES 2015. It claims to be the world’s most powerful 32-bit converter in its class, giving audiophiles a real reason to consider the Galaxy S7 as a daily driver.

Other aspects that need to be addressed lie in external storage and battery. Reportedly, the SGS7 will offer SD Card support, but it won’t go back to the old user-replaceable battery formula.

There’s also a possibility that the S7 will hit the shelves in two sizes, one with a 5.7 / 5.8-inch display, and the other one rocking a 5.2-inch panel. We haven’t heard much on this front lately, so perhaps Samsung only considered this possibility but decided against it. We’ll keep you posted if we find out more.

Last but not least, Samsung may want to avoid the #bendgate phenomenon as much as possible, reason why some sources believe that the handset will be wrapped in magnesium alloy with a higher resilience than the 6013-series aluminum used for the Galaxy S6. Overall, the flagship might flaunt a glass and magnesium build similar to its predecessor.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date

Back in August 2015, we came across an interesting rumor claiming that Samsung may have adopted a new development strategy for the Galaxy S7. Reports said that in a quest to bring the SGS7’s launch closer, the Korean manufacturer may have switched from the “Waterfall” to the “Agile” methodology, which could shorten the development period by 1-to-2 months.

Fast forward until the beginning of September and a new rumor emerged, suggesting that the Galaxy S7 will indeed hit the shelves earlier, in February 2016. The same release time-frame was mentioned in early-November, along with rumors claiming that the Galaxy S7 might be the world’s first smartphone to boast Cat.12 network capabilities.

The information so far corroborates the idea of a new development method being used, so there might be something to these early launch rumors after all. We’ll keep a close eye on the matter.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Price

Last but certainly not least, the topic of pricing was also brought up by analysts. Although the data is far from confirmed, rumors have it that Samsung will shave 10% off the Samsung Galaxy S7’s retail price compared to the Galaxy S6.

This is all the critical data we have so far, but our definitive guide will be updated constantly so make sure you check back later for more information.