With Galaxy S7 Samsung Has Switched From Hardware To Software-Centric Development (Rumor)

Shortly after Dongjin Koh took JK Shin’s place as president of Samsung Mobile, we came across various reports suggesting that despite this change in leadership, the Korean smartphone maker will continue on the “hardware-driven path” as before.

However, rumors now have it that the Galaxy S7 will actually represent the starting point of Samsung’s switch from hardware to software-centric development.

Sources in China claim that Samsung went to great lengths to ensure that the user experience provided by the next flagship (and TouchWiz) will be improved, with the ultimate goal being to create an operating system / proprietary UI that would surpass iOS in terms of optimization.

Mighty claims! Join us below for the full story.

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Samsung May Have Switched to Software-Centric Development

Throughout these past several years, Samsung’s TouchWiz proprietary user interface earned a lot of fans and critics alike, and with each new generation, the company continued to streamline the UI and even adopted Google’s Material Design philosophy on the most part.

Now, according to fresh reports from industry watchers in China, Samsung is ready to push TouchWiz to the next level. Rumors have it that Samsung recently changed its policy regarding software, and is now going to focus more on optimization and user experience.

To this end, today’s reports claim that Samsung hired Google engineers to help in reforming TouchWiz, and to fully optimize the UI in an effort to create an environment with greater responsiveness than Apple’s iOS.

We should also remind you that this isn’t the first time we hear about Google’s alleged involvement in optimizing the next version of TouchWiz. This theory first came to light earlier in November, and needless to say, it looks like there’s something to it after all.

As previously reported, since Samsung is the most popular smartphone brand in the Android ecosystem, a better TouchWiz user experience could also help Google in the long run, which is why the search engine giant may have agreed to give Samsung a helping hand by lending its software engineers.

On a different matter, it’s also worth noting that the same source also seems to “reconfirm” that external SD storage will make a comeback on the Samsung Galaxy S7. However, keep in mind that nothing is official until Samsung says so.

We’ll keep you posted if we find out more so stay tuned.