Samsung Gear Glass To Be Announced At IFA? Tizen OS On Board?

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of Google’s most ambitious and also controversial products is the “Glass”. The gadget has been available to developers (or to early adopters in the form of an $1,500 “Explorer version”) for well over a year, but the good news is that Glass enthusiasts should soon be able and buy the handset, once it becomes available for consumers later in the year.

However, right now we’re not actually here to discuss the Google Glass. In fact, today we’ve come across information suggesting that Google will soon find a rival in Samsung, as the Korean tech giant also appears to be working on its own version of the “Glass”, thus confirming earlier rumors. More details after the break.


Samsung Glass Gear on Its Way for a September Launch?

According to the latest news coming from the Korean media, Samsung is preparing to launch its own “Gear Glass” wearable, and it will allegedly do so in September, during the IFA 2014 event which will take place in Berlin, Germany, between the 5th and the 10th day of the month. (On a side note, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is also expected to be unveiled at the same event).

The so-called “Samsung Glass Gear” will apparently feature an ear and eye piece, and by the looks of it, the gadget could take the form of a Bluetooth earpiece with a heads-up-display, rather than a pair of glasses. Reportedly, the headset will also run on the next-gen Tizen OS.

According to the online publication “Business Korea”, a Samsung “associate” said that, after launching the first smartwatch, the company has “secured a considerable amount of smart glass-related technology and patents“. More so, the same source has suggested that, much like the original Galaxy Gear went live in September, the upcoming Gear Glass will also be launched in September 2014.

On a side note, Samsung has previously obtained a design patent for a glass wearable device last October, and more recently the company has also gotten its hands on a patent from the American Patent Law Association.

Would any of you be interested in a Samsung Glass Gear? Can the Korean tech giant compete with Google in this market segment? Feel free to share your thoughts below.