Samsung and Microsoft Planning To Release 13-inch Tablets?

The tablet market might soon go through several changes, partly because of how the smartphone market has evolved and partly due to the success of large-screen tablets such as the Surface Pro 3.

The increased adoption rate of phablets as day-to-day smartphones may force tablet manufacturers to ditch their smaller-screen slates in favor of larger devices. Previous rumors have suggested that Apple will discontinue the iPad mini series in order to concentrate its efforts on the 12-inch iPad Pro, and according to the latest reports, it appears that Samsung and Microsoft might respond in kind by releasing new 13-inch tablets of their own.


Samsung and Microsoft Planning to Release 13-inch Slates?

According to fresh reports from South Korea, Samsung might launch a new 13-inch tablet by the end of the year. While details on this device remain scarce, sources say that the Korean tech giant might adopt an LCD display for the 13-inch slate instead of using a Super AMOLED like on the latest Galaxy Tab S series. Perfect for some of the best Android games.

Interestingly enough, other sources cited by DigiTimes say that Microsoft is working on a 13 or 14-inch slate as well. It looks like the 12-inch Surface Pro 3 proved to be quite the success, and Microsoft’s shift towards a larger, productivity-oriented tablet has really paid off. The company recently reported an increase in revenue for its Surface business of 127% compared to last year. However, while Microsoft could consider developing a 13 or 14-inch slate, the source says that the Redmond-based software giant still hasn’t decided whether or not this is the way to go.

It’s worth noting that these two new reports have emerged relatively shortly after Sony made it in the headlines for the same reason. Allegedly the Japanese manufacturer is also working on a 12-inch tablet, which may be released in the first quarter of 2015. The aforementioned device is rumored to fit in the same league as the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2, both of which include a dedicated stylus and an active digitizer. Allegedly, Sony will borrow and implement these characteristics on its alleged 12-inch behemoth too.

We’ll keep you up to speed once we find out more so stay tuned.