Samsung To Provide OLED Displays For 2018 iPhones?

As some of our readers could let you know, there have been quite a few rumors so far, hinting at Apple’s alleged intentions to release future iPhones with OLED displays in tow. In fact, these rumors have been around for years, but earlier this summer we found an interesting report claiming that although Apple is “very likely” to make a switch to OLED, this won’t happen until 2018.

Why are we revisiting old rumors, you ask? Simply put, today a new report emerged from South Korea, citing a Samsung Display executive who revealed that the company is discussing a possible OLED collaboration with Apple. Reportedly, the official explained that the first iPhone with an OLED panel in tow might be released around 2018.QHD Amoled

Samsung to Provide OLEDs for the 2018 iPhone Lineup?

According to a Samsung Display executive cited by the KoreaTimes, the OLED display manufacturer is now looking for new partners to expand its portfolio. Samsung Display is, of course, a giant display maker, but most of its products have mostly been used in the Galaxy line-up.

The official adds that in order to secure a successful business plan, Samsung Display needs to expand its reach and strike a deal with new partners. The Korean tech giant has been in discussion with several smartphone makers from China (Huawei probably being one of them), but China’s handset makers “won’t replace Apple’s brand image”, as he puts it, and partnering up with the Cupertino giant “will be huge”.

According to the executive and assuming that Samsung and Apple will renew their contracts, the Korean tech giant will supply small-sized OLED panels for future iPhones, which will presumably hit the shelves in 2018.

Whether Apple will use flexible OLEDs to enrich the iPhone’s design, or a “plain” sheet for a traditional form factor remains to be seen.