Samsung To Have Snapdragon 820 Exclusivity Until April 2016?

As some of our readers know, earlier today we learned that despite the claims of numerous Chinese analysts, the Xiaomi Mi5 will probably not be the first commercially available smartphone to push the Snapdragon 820 on the market. This is because, according to the company’s CEO, Xiaomi will focus more on providing a great user experience with the Mi5, rather than rushing the device on the market.

However, according to a new rumor, Xiaomi might not even have a choice in the matter, as Samsung could have limited exclusivity rights on the Snapdragon 820.

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Samsung to Have Limited Exclusivity on the Snapdragon 820?

Moments ago, a new rumor emerged through China’s Weibo network via “i Ice Universe”, who said that Samsung might have exclusivity rights on the Snapdragon 820 until April 2016. In other words, if these rumors are true then the first smartphone to hit the shelves with the SD 820 under the hood will be none other than the Samsung Galaxy S7. When, you ask? Obviously, Samsung has been keeping quiet on the matter, but industry watchers expect the terminal to be unveiled at MWC in February and released in March 2016 at the latest.

This wouldn’t be entirely surprising given that the Snapdragon 820 is manufactured by Samsung in its own facilities using 14nm FinFET nodes. Reportedly, Samsung was also the first OEM to test the Snapdragon 820 extensively in its labs, in order to ensure that the overheating issues plaguing the initial Snapdragon 810 batches will not make a comeback in the sequel.

As exciting as this might sound for fans of the Korean tech giant, limited exclusivity rights on the Snapdragon 820 could result in a rather slow start for the mobile market in 2016, with the rest of the manufacturers having to wait in queue for an April or later release of their premium devices.

Then again, as a chip manufacturer, Samsung also has a higher stake in the market performance of the Snapdragon 820, so perhaps it wouldn’t make sense for the company to put a damper on the SoC’s debut.

I guess only time will tell if these rumors are true. Until more details emerge, it might be wiser to take the information above with a pinch of salt.