Samsung’s Tizen SM-Z9005 Real Pics Surface, Was Briefly Available on Ebay

It almost feels like not one day passes by without some new Tizen-related information to be found in the corners of the Internet. Last week, Samsung broke the silence and announced that its newest Tizen devices will be showcased at MWC, and since then, rumors continued to flow. Just a couple of days ago we’ve talked about the rivalry between Qualcomm and Samsung / Intel, and mainly about the idea that Samsung’s Tizen smartphone has been delayed in favor of waiting for the Intel Merrifield chip to hit the scene, and replace the rumored Snapdragon 800 inside Samsung’s first commercially available Tizen smartphone.

Anyway, today we have some more juicy Tizen news for you, as a particular Samsung Tizen smartphone has reappeared on the blogosphere – this time in real pictures. Check them below and scroll further for more details.


Samsung’s Tizen SM-Z9005 Caught in the Wild

The gadget you see above and below looks like none other than the one that has been recently seen in a leaked render and a blurry shot. Yup, it’s the mysterious SM-Z9005. However, this time around the photos have been picked up from ebay, where the gadget in question has been put up for sale for the sum of US $300. The device was listed as “New Tizen Samsung SM-Z9005 smartphone for apps development“, but unfortunately, if you’re planning on buying it before someone else gets the chance to snag it, I’m afraid the listing has already ended.


Regardless, we’re left with the pictures above, and the info the seller disclosed: the handset packs a 4.7 inch display and 16 GB of storage. Previous leaks have indicated that the SM-Z9005 would deliver a 4.8 inch panel, but whatever the case, the device looks as real as it can get.

It also appears that the unit from ebay is surrounded by a protective/disguise bumper, hinting that the device is indeed meant for development purposes. Whatever the case, we hope to see more of the SM-Z9005 during the Mobile World Congress. Any thoughts?