Samsung To Triple The Original Galaxy S6 Edge Production Volume?

Although the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge was released in relatively smaller quantities, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge might very well become one of the Korean company’s main series of flagship phones. The handset has yet to see the light of day commercially, but reportedly ever since its official unveiling at MWC 2015, an increasing number of global cellphone retailers and carriers have shown an interest in the device, demanding more supply than Samsung can cover.

Not long ago this spelled bad news for Samsung, solely because the company didn’t seem to be able to keep up with the high demand. In fact Sammy was said to be on the lookout for additional suppliers in order to compensate for the apparent low 3D glass yield.

However, it looks like Samsung is confident that it will be able to tackle the aforementioned supply issues, as industry insiders cited by the Korean media said today that the company is planning to triple the original Galaxy S6 edge production volume. More details right after the break.

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Samsung to Triple the Original Galaxy S6 Edge Production Volume

According to the Korean media, Japan’s Alps Electronics could soon no longer be the sole supplier of TSP (Touchscreen Panels) for Samsung’s “Edge” models. The Korean smartphone manufacturer is apparently planning to triple the original Galaxy S6 Edge production volume, which means that more TSP suppliers aside from Alps Electronics will work with Samsung for the manufacturing of the SGS6 Edge.

It remains unclear which companies will become Samsung’s new partners for the project, but apparently S-MAC was mentioned by the source to become one of Sammy’s new subcontractors and suppliers for TSP technology.

As the demand for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge increases, more domestic companies could apparently benefit from the increasing production volume, as they might be approached by Samsung to help in maintaining a healthy yield.

Not long ago, we’ve heard that Samsung will set a new record by producing 13 million Galaxy S6 and S6 edge units during March and April, with today’s rumored increased S6 edge production most likely not included in the estimates.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as we find out more.