Snapdragon 600 Powered Samsung Galaxy Note 2 In The Making?

Lately, there has been a lot of talk surrounding Samsung’s foreseeable plans on the mobile market, specifically the launch of the Snapdragon 800-powered Galaxy S4 and the upcoming Galaxy Note 3. But what if I were to tell you that the Korean manufacturer might also work on a new Galaxy Note 2 model? Pretty odd, right?

Judging by today’s standards, the Galaxy Note 2 is not really a top-of-the-line smartphone anymore as it has to carry on with last-year’s hardware specifications. However, recent findings have revealed that a new Note 2 variant might be in the works. Check out the details below.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with Snapdragon 600?

The idea that Samsung is working on a new Note 2 variant is not necessarily a fresh one, as the model number GT-N7018D has been previously certified by the FCC and has also made an appearance on the official Bluetooth SIG website. However, this is the first time when this mysterious device has been spotted in AnTuTu, giving us a glimpse at what type of hardware it could pack under the hood. Apparently, the gadget boasts Android 4.2.2 and a 1.9 GHz processor able to score 26,901 points.

Although there’s no mention of what type of processor we’re looking at, based on the specs and score, we’re evidently considering the possibility that this gadget runs on the Snapdragon 600 SoC. Why would Samsung work on a new Note 2 variant? Well, with the inevitable arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and with other manufacturers showing an increasing interest in this particular market segment, our guesses are that the Korean giant could plan on releasing a more affordable Note alternative that should cover the mid-range market segment. A refreshed Note 2 might just do the trick. (I know, there’s the Mega series too, but the 6.3 display might be too much for some and both the 6.3 and the 5.8 models are just not powerful enough or too well-equipped to be considered the Note 3’s more affordable siblings.)

One last thing to note is that, based on the information that has surfaced thus far, the GT-N7108D has been tipped for a release in Asia, but we shouldn’t dismiss the idea that the gadget might make it on the western market as well (assuming of course that it’s going to become a reality).

Any thoughts? Would you be interested in an refreshed Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Let us know in the comments section.