Snapdragon 620-Powered Samsung Smartphone Surfaces – Galaxy A9?

This was a good week for Samsung enthusiasts, as the company made headlines more often than not thanks to a series of leaks and events that brought the alleged Galaxy S7 under the spotlight, one way or another.

On Monday, we learned that Samsung might be the first OEM to test the Snapdragon 820 in its labs. Shortly after, we came across two variants of the same mysterious device codenamed “Lucky” (which has been confirmed by the guys over at Sammobile as being the Galaxy S7), powered by a new Exynos SoC (presumably the so-called Exynos M1), as well as the Snapdragon 820. We also heard that the S7 might be released in two different sizes and that while it will retain the non-removable-battery design of the SGS6 predecessor, it could, however, offer SD card support.

But as exciting as these reports might be, Samsung isn’t working on a single smartphone. In fact, today we came across an entry in the Geekbench database, detailing a new Samsung device powered by the mid-range Snapdragon 620 SoC. Could it be the Samsung Galaxy A9? There’s no way we can say for sure, but join us after the break to learn the details.

Snapdragon 620-Powered Samsung Handset Emerges

The mysterious Samsung device has been listed as model “Samsung msm8976fhdlte-eur-open”. Its motherboard goes by the name of “MSM8976”, which means that the SoC itself might be none other than the Snapdragon 620. Geekbench confirms an 8-core structure as revealed by Qualcomm not long ago and shows that the CPU uses ARM implementer 65 architecture – a.k.a. ARM’s standard core architecture.

As for the smartphone itself, the terminal carries 3 GB of RAM, it runs Android 5.1.1 Lollipop and scores 1325 points in the single-core tests, as well as 4461 points in multi-core.

Last but not least, while Geekbench hasn’t linked this device to the anticipated Samsung Galaxy A9, the Galaxy A8 is equipped with a Snapdragon 615 SoC and 2 GB of RAM, so all of the above specs would make for a sequel that would meet our expectations.

As always we’ll continue to keep an eye out for more details to emerge, so stay tuned.