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Latest Galaxy S7 Snapdragon 820 Benchmark Shows Improvements Across The Board

Qualcomm is hard at work tweaking the Snapdragon 820 SoC before it becomes commercially available (allegedly, with Samsung lending a helping hand in testing), and as some of our readers might recall, earlier this month we also find out that a so-called “Snapdragon 820 V3.x” is rumored to be on its way for test sampling in October.

Today we take a glimpse at the fruits of Qualcomm and Samsung’s labor, as benchmark results comparing the Snapdragon 810 and two Galaxy S7 test versions (with Snapdragon 820 on board) have emerged, showing that the SD 820 has improved considerably across the board from one test prototype to the next.

As always, you’ll find more details after the break.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Snapdragon 820 Benchmark Shows Improved Performance

The graph above was shared by “i Ice universe” on Weibo, a source that so far seems to have brought many other next-gen SoCs under the spotlight. The graph at hand shows the Snapdragon 810 (green) next to two Snapdragon 820 variants (which according to the source are powering two Galaxy S7 protoypes), namely “820-A” (orange) and “820-B” (red) and their respective AnTuTu scores.

According to this graph, the Snapdragon 820 improved considerably throughout its journey, and is now able to yield over 70K points in AnTuTu (much like it was previously shown by the Samsung “Lucky” / Galaxy S7 benchmark).

The Snapdragon 820-B is not only more powerful than the 810, but it also overtakes the “820-A” which, we assume, is an older SD 820 test sample. Furthermore, compared to the Snapdragon 810, the SD 820-B shows 1.38x and 1.77x performance improvements in single threaded integer and single threaded floating point tests.

Whether the 820-B is the same as version 3.x is unknown, but what’s clear is that Qualcomm’s upcoming high-end SoC will continue to improve over the next few weeks / months until it will be ready for mass production.

We’ll continue to keep an eye out and share more data as soon as it becomes available so stay tuned.

Note: The article has been edited to reflect that, according to the source, the two versions of Snapdragon 820 are powering two Samsung Galaxy S7 prototypes.